Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most common questions regarding our service and products.

  • Do you offer any money back guarantee?
    Yes we do all our products come with a 10 day money back guarantee.

  • Do we own any of your pre made scripts after purchasing them?

  • Can I share any pre-made scripts with other people after purchasing them?
    No you can not share any of our pre made scripts after buying them.

  • Is there any up front costs when hiring Psd Designs?
    Yes you must pay a deposit and sign a agreement before any work can be done this is to cover our team in the even we are unable to contact you or you fail to pay us for any reason.

  • How much is your deposit ?
    The deposit fully depended on the project size the larger the project the higher the deposit.
    • small project: £100
    • medium project: £160
    • large project: £200

    • After hiring Psd Designs for any work, am I allowed to cancel or change my mind?
      Yes you can cancel or change your mind at any time, however upon canceling or changing your mind, (deposit cannot be refunded).

    • Does Psd Designs offer any free services?
      We may offer depending on how busy our team is, and if the project is for a good cause such as a well knowing charity and proof is provided.

    • What is the normal time period for completion of a project after agreeing and paying deposit?
      We normally have a finished project within four/five weeks of the agreement being made depending on the job size, however this this subject to conditions such as but not limited to:
      • Programmer falling sick or being unavailable to work.
      • Any Unforeseen circumstances (death in the family) etc ...
      • Hardware failure such as developers computer issues, including but not limited to: hard drives/keyboard/mouse/monitors etc ...

       in the event we are unable to finish your work on time, we will refund your deposit as a goodwill gesture.